Saturday, January 12, 2013

Laser Cut Orbit Wheel Frame

I have finally pulled my orbit wheel design out of my computer. This was a fun quick build for my first time "T" nutting. This was also my first time using StartLab's laser cutter, which is very similar to my high school's laser cutter. Now I have a good prototype to show at my first check-in meeting with TechFair.

Here's a cool video of the laser cutter doing its magic! I especially like how the flame underneath makes the entire transparent acrylic sheet glow. 

I had some trouble getting the scrap pieces out, because the laser cutter didn't cut completely through. I ended up breaking the skinniest part on the green orbit wheel frame trying to push the scraps out. I fixed it with some very thin super glue. I also increased the power of the laser by 5% to ensure that it cuts all the way through. Other than that, cutting went well.

Cut Orbit Wheel Pieces

I used some 10-32 screws I found in MITERS screw drawer. I ended up not using every t-nut I designed for, because it wasn't necessary for structural support. I included my hand in the picture to give a feel for how big the orbit wheel is. It is actually quite small, which will allow it to be transportable. The plan is to be able to strap these on my back pack.

My crocs fit in well so I can lift up my foot and the orbit wheel doesn't fall off. This will help with going over curbs so the orbit wheels won't shift positions while I continue to move.