Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tiny Inexpensive Waterjet Freeline Skates

Putz has recently acquired a few ripsticks ripstiks. It's probably safe to say that half of the current putzen have mastered how to ride these things. I left my orbit wheels and freeline skates out in the hallway hoping people might want the extra challenge. But, I soon forgot they were on putz, and they were eventually grunged by JoeG's crew. Lately, I've been wanting to orbit wheel; that's enough incentive to build some. I'll probably end up turning this into an Instructable. It would be pretty easy for makers to laser cut, water jet, or possibly 3D print a pair of freeline skates rather than invest $150 in the manufactured version. I tried making them as small as possible to build some intuition for the strength of the aluminum supports.

Read after the break for a quick build log:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Bot Blast July 2013

I've been falling into this trend of posting weeks or even a months after the fact (actually it's not even a trend anymore; I just haven't been posting). This will hopefully stop as soon as I've settled on one website with a stable blogging system. (I currently have, where I'm playing around with Drupal,,, and this site). I have to say, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to posting this if it weren't for my awesome cousin Alex, who was fascinated by the mini battle bots.

So. How I unexpectedly built a mini battle bot over night: