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Electric Vehicles

Electric Orbit Wheel:

The inspiration for making the electric orbit wheel started with a college tour to Harvey Mudd. Within ten minutes of arriving, I saw two people "skate" by on freeline skates. After that, I had to learn... it just looked incredibly fun! That summer, I taught myself how to ride orbit wheels (Thoughts were brewing for an electric version).

Status: Completed as of February 2, 2013 (Despite the dates on all the build logs; I posted late)

Chassis: Water jetted 6061 1/4" Al with custom ring gear, cast urethane wheel from 3D printed mold, and             infinite turning radius
Battery: 4.4Ah at 16.5V with A123 28650 Systems LiFePo4 Battery Cells (1.5 mile/ 2.4 km range)
Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 4250-350kv Brushless Outrunner
Controller: HobbyKing Brushless Car ESC 60A w/ Reverse
Throttle: HobbyKing GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx
Top Speed: 10 mph (16 km/h)

The electric orbit wheel's build log can be found here in reverse chronological order or below in chronological order:
  • Part 0: Picking out Motors and Batteries
  • Part 1: CADing: Preparing for Water Jet
  • Part 2: Water Jetting!!!
  • Part 3: Making the Battery "Packs"
  • Part 4: 3D Printed Urethane Mold and Ring Gear
  • Part 5: Tightly Packed Electronics and Machined Housing
  • Part 6: First All-Nighter at MITERS: Casting the Urethane Wheel

Here you can see the wide urethane rim and batteries.

All the components "required" for operation. (Except for a helmet).

Stay tuned for more video updates!

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