Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cruft Shelf

I found a really nice piece of plywood on hall, and my closet was overflowing with closet stuff and cruft. So I decided to make shelf exclusively for crufty things. Also, since I have a loft, I have a bunch of places to attach things. Therefore, I can make the most efficient use of the space in my small room (it is actually the smallest room on hall and the only "double"). 

Click to read about the very short build:

I cut up a crufted 2 x 4 beam into four 11" pieces in the East Campus basement. 

Borrowed a drill from ToolComm. 

It is much easier to use gravity and screw/drill down than it is to screw/drill up in a very tight space. 

I attached them to the corners of the polished plywood with the left over screws I used on the loft. 

To help with screwing/drilling the cruft shelf in place, I pre-screwed/drilled the screws half way into the loft. 

Ready for crufty things :)

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