Monday, September 2, 2013

Krepes: A New Type of Billiards Game

Raku Watari and I used to play a lot of Billiards and Cut-Throat at ADPhi when we were room-mates freshman year. We would try improving our techniques by hitting with spin and trying to predict where the ball would end up to be in line for the second shot. After awhile, we got tired of the same game and decided to "invent" a new one. We present Krepes:


Why Krepes, you ask? Because we were eating Infinite Crepes at one of ADPhi's Rush events while we thought it up (and also, because it has nothing to do with the game--similar to Puzzles). 


The game of Krepes can be played with any number of people, but 2-5 players is preferred. There is no foul for hitting a stripe or a solid directly with the cue ball (with exceptions for the 8-ball). There are two ways to hit the 8-ball and win Krepes. First, a player can use any striped ball to hit the 8-ball in a pocket--a combination shot. Second, a player can hit the 8-ball directly into a pocket IFF all the solid balls are off the table. The solid balls must be hit in order--similar to a game of Nine Ball. A player can pocket a striped ball to continue his/her turn, but decreases his/her chance at winning instantaneously by hitting the 8-ball in with a striped ball. This encourages strategy and multiple possible shots. If a player hits a solid ball in order, it increases his/her chances to hit the 8-ball in successfully, but does the same for his/her opponent. If all the striped balls are gone, the only way to win is to first go through the solid balls. 

  1. The cue ball can hit any ball legally (with exceptions for the 8-ball). 
  2. A player wins by pocketing the 8-ball. 
  3. A player can pocket the 8-ball by first transferring the kinetic energy of the cue ball through a striped ball. 
  4. A player can pocket the 8-ball by hitting it with the cue ball directly, iff there are no solid balls on the table. 
  5. All solid balls must be hit in order (1-7). Pocketing a solid ball out of order may result in a foul. 

Fouls: Resulting in Loss of Turn
  1. Player hits solid ball of correct order and pockets a solid ball of incorrect order.

Fouls: Resulting in a Scratch
  1. Player pockets a solid ball of incorrect order. 

Placing the Cue Ball after a Scratch:

A player, who follows after the previous player scratched, can place the cue ball anywhere on the table. However, he/she cannot pocket the 8-ball with a striped ball to win with his/her chosen cue ball position. 

The General Rules of Pocket Billiards apply except when directly contradicted by these rules. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improving the rules, please comment below. Enjoy!

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