Monday, November 4, 2013

Shortest Path to MITERS

I finally got around to precisely measuring the different EC to MITERS routes on Google Earth. I wasn't sure how the path through the Swapfest parking lot compared to the others, but this confirms its about the same distance. As for the numbers:

White = 693 meters (the absolute shortest distance to MITERS from EC)
Red w/shortcut = 848 m (includes the sidewalk currently blocked by construction on building 35)
Red w/o shortcut = 856 m
Blue = 858 m
Purple = 858 m
Orange = 964 m

So really, the shortest path is past Building 13 and along Mass Ave with the diagonal sidewalk towards the intersection of Mass Ave. and Vassar (which only saves 10 meters (+/- measurement error)). 

The red path is also probably the fastest because of the straight stretch past Building 13. However, I've gotten a little bored of the same route, and have now switched to the purple path (even though it's 2-10 meters longer). 

Just for kicks, here's the same route placed over MIT the year after I was born.

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  1. freaking cool. a legit application of science.
    when I was frosh, the accepted path between EC and MITERS was approximately the purple one. That was before construction on that big pharmaceutical building across from the swapfest parking lot had started. There was an underpass/tunnel/arch thing in that long string of brick building on Osborn street which made the last third of the purple path look almost exactly like the white one.